Furgocasa Campervans

We are a young, enthusiastic and dynamic company, with a passion for travel and adventure.

We want our customers to be able to live the camper experience to the fullest. A different way to travel with a lot of charm.

Great Volumen Campervans, thanks to their compact size, are very easy to drive and allow you to travel to and camp wherever you wish. Imagine eating overlooking the sea, parking up and then walking through the centre of any city and ending the day sleeping on a mountain.

We strive to always provide the best service. So that the only concern you have is where to visit.

Our inception

FURGOCASA was born out of the project of three partners and friends who share, in addition to many other things, a great passion for the camping world and, in particular, for this type of vehicles.

We began our project in the southern area of the eastern coast of Spain, which is visited more and more by tourists from all around the world due to the many good things that it offers: weather, beaches, natural parks, gastronomy, charming cities, ruins, an extensive range of services... and many others.

Currently, in addition to Murcia, we also provide services in Alicante and Madrid. Our goal is to expand our areas of coverage as soon as possible and to offer the possibility of renting one of our Camper vans in many more cities.


Great Volume Campervans

In FURGOCASA we are specialised in what is known as Great Volume Campervans (GV Camper vans). 

If you are looking for a versatile vehicle, suitable for daily travel around the city or to enjoy an adventure trip or a weekend getaway, the camper is your ally.

A market sector that continues to gain followers season after season.

This is why the manufacturers of camper vans offer more models, new lines and more complete equipment every year, and the number and variety of small manufacturers and campers increases. They exploit their creativity to show really innovative proposals which satisfy with their practicality.




A caravan is a camper trailer that is towed by another vehicle. They vary in size and design, from the tear style to the folding box trailers. They are often confused with motorhomes and camper vans. We do not rent caravans.

Campers Trucks


The camper trucks are, in this case, common trucks regularly used for transport of merchandise and passengers, adapted basically for people to be able to sleep in them. This is the smallest, most versatile and basic option for self-propelled vehicles. In most cases, it does not have a shower or toilet. Without detracting from this option, in FURGOCASA we think that it is not the appropriate one to get a good rental experience since we understand that it is not like travelling with your home on your back.




Campervans are probably the most fashionable vehicles nowadays. Advancements in the last few years have turned them into a very complete option for rent travel. They have all the comforts of a motorhome in a smaller vehicle, which does not exceed the width of a normal car and for that reason, it allows greater mobility, the possibility of greater access to the sites that are visited and freedom at the moment to spend the night. Perfect for couples, with or without small children, this has been the option chosen by FURGOCASA to offer for rent.




Motorhomes are large and integrated vehicles and, in general, they have the most living space. There are several types (coachbuilt, 'A' class, tag axle,...) and finishes. Due to their large dimensions, it is difficult to use them to park outside the specific overnight sites. They are especially recommended for trips of several people or for families. In this case, FURGOCASA does not rent motorhomes.


New and top-quality vehicles

Within the segment of Great Volume Campervans, FURGOCASA chooses to always offer new vehicles, with all the possible extras and complements and always of the highest quality.

To achieve this quality goal, we believe it is essential that our fleet is integrated by vehicles from the main manufacturers in the sector. In FURGOCASA we work with the following brands: