Six charming villages in the Region of Murcia to visit with your motorhome this autumn

We never tire of saying it! The Region of Murcia is a perfect place to travel with your motorhome or campervan, as it has many and varied villages and charming spots to visit. This autumn is a good time to take advantage of your free time and get to know the region better.

Motorhome route through Muslim Murcia: Moorish and Arab history of the region

The Arab and Moorish history of the region of Murcia has to do with the very foundation of the regional capital: Murcia. Despite its uncertain origins, there is evidence that the city was founded in the year 825 by the emir of al-Andalus Abderramán II, probably on a much earlier settlement. It was the capital of several Taifa kingdoms of growing importance until it was incorporated into the government of Castile. This history offers us a large number of monuments, in this case Muslim, and places to visit with our motorhome.