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Get ahead: don't run out of dates

It is not easy to give advice on how far in advance of a planned trip a rental reservation should be made. It depends on several factors.

The most important is mainly the demand linked to the seasonality of tourism. In low travel season, dates such as autumn, winter, it is easier to find availability 2 weeks before the rental.

However, for dates with more demand, high travel season, such as summer, Easter and even the Christmas period, it is advisable to be proactive and book at least 2 months in advance. At the end of April it is easy that only half of the summer days are available.

As we say, it is difficult to get it right, but to help you, we have created this "occupancy traffic light" for the coming months.


Next 5 months.


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If you have not found the dates you wanted in the search or in our offers section, you can look for openings in the availability calendar of each Camper.

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