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If you still have questions, below we have compiled a series of relevant questions related to the rental.

How can I check availability for specific dates?

There are two options to find out if vehicles are available: 1) perform a search for specific dates through the search module on our booking page and 2) check the calendar that appears associated with each location at the bottom of that booking section.

Can I rent a camper for a weekend?

During the low season, with a minimum rental duration of 2 days, we DO offer weekend rentals.

Can I see the campers in person before renting?

No. It is not possible to see the vehicles in person before renting. All information about the vehicles, their name, images, details of their accessories, is available on the website.

Whenever possible, Furgocasa respects the vehicle chosen by the customer for their rental.

What is the fastest way to book my vehicle?

The most immediate way to book your vehicle is through the search module on our website. Search for the desired dates, select your vehicle, and make the payment of the first 50% of the rental price, and the camper will be immediately blocked.

Are the daily rates final prices, do they include indirect taxes?

The daily rates shown on our website are all retail prices and include the corresponding Value Added Tax (VAT).

What accessories are provided for free? Which ones require an additional fee?

The daily rate includes, without any additional supplement, unlimited kilometers, the possibility of additional drivers, kitchen utensils, and a camping kit.

On the other hand, available to the customer for an additional fee are a duvet (supplement of 20 euros), sheets and pillows (supplement of 20 euros per bed), and bath linens (supplement of 20 euros per set).

Additionally, a commission (supplement of 40 euros per rental) is charged in case one or more pets accompany you on the trip.

What time do I have to pick up and return my vehicle?

The pick-up and return times are chosen by the customer at the time of booking. These times are subsequently included in the invoice and are binding for both the customer and Furgocasa, only being able to be modified under exceptional circumstances and by mutual agreement.

It is important to remember that daily rates are charged for complete periods of 24 hours; they cannot be broken down into smaller amounts. Therefore, if you choose a different pick-up and return time, an extra day will be charged.

Do I have to pay any management fees for my rental?

No. Furgocasa does not charge any management fees for your rental.

What rental insurance is included in my trip? Can I extend the coverage?

The rental insurance that all our campers enjoy is a comprehensive insurance specific for vehicles intended for rental without a driver, with a deductible of 600 euros per claim.

It is not possible to reduce or extend the coverage of this insurance.

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