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Camper Van Route to the Most Prominent Archaeological Sites in the Region of Murcia

All you need is a well-equipped camper van (like those from FURGOCASA), an exploratory spirit, and a strong desire to delve into the past to embark on an exciting journey without leaving the Region of Murcia. On this route, we will unravel ancient secrets and relive the ancestral way of life as we explore various archaeological treasures. Get ready for a historical spectacle and an unforgettable family experience, all at a very affordable cost!

Camper Van Route: Stage 1: Argaric Site of La Almoloya

We begin our journey at the Argaric Site of La Almoloya, located between the municipal terms of Pliego and Mula. Here, you'll find the remains of an ancient urban layout from the Bronze Age, with streets and residential complexes that developed over more than six centuries. We will explore tombs, house walls, and ceramic artifacts while archaeologists from the research team narrate the fascinating stories behind these ruins.

Camper Van Route: Stage 2: Roman Villa of Los Cantos in Bullas

In Bullas, we will be amazed by the Roman Villa of Los Cantos, an area with 450 square meters excavated. Here, we will discover domus, a thermal complex, and an industrial sector dating from the 2nd century BC to the 5th century AD. We will enjoy breathtaking views of Sierra Espuña and El Castellar while immersing ourselves in the legacy of Roman colonization.

Camper Van Route: Stage 3: La Bastida Site in Totana

Six kilometers from Totana, we will find the La Bastida Site, an ancient settlement from the Bronze Age. Approximately 1,000 people lived here about 3,800 years ago. This is where metallurgy and sedentary life developed, and we can stroll through streets and stepped houses on artificial terraces, exploring the political management of this ancestral city.

Camper Van Route: Stage 4: Cabezo del Plomo

In the Sierra de las Moreras, we will discover Cabezo del Plomo, a fortified settlement dating from the Late Neolithic to Chalcolithic periods. Its walls and circular huts still leave marks on the plateau, and we can explore a tholos burial site. This collection of remains, declared a Cultural Heritage Site, will transport us to the distant past of the region.

Camper Van Route: Stage 5: Los Baños de Fortuna

To conclude our archaeological route, we head to Los Baños de Fortuna, where thermal waters have been used since Roman times. During the excavation of the ruins, remains from various periods, including Muslim, medieval, and the Modern Age, were discovered. Here, we can marvel at the Roman pools and the nymphaeum, a true archaeological treasure declared a Cultural Heritage Site.

Why is the Region of Murcia a Perfect Destination for Learning History in a Camper Van?

The Region of Murcia offers a fascinating and history-filled camper van route. From Argaric sites and Roman villas to medieval fortresses and thermal baths, this journey allows us to immerse ourselves in the past and experience something unique. Get ready to explore these archaeological treasures with your family, enjoying stunning landscapes and embracing the spirit of adventure. It's a road trip adventure you won't want to miss!"


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