Rental prices

Below are the daily rental prices.

The price varies depending on whether the rental is reserved for Low, Medium, Medium High or High Season. The price that will be applied per rental day will correspond to the season allocated to that day, regardless of whether the rental begins or ends in another period.

A discount of 5%, 10% or up to 15% will be applied to these prices, depending on whether the maximum rental duration exceeds 6, 13 or 20 days of rental. That is, if the rental lasts 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

Delivery charge

In the event that the customer chooses a place other than Murcia - Los Ramos as the delivery or pick-up point, an additional charge will be incurred for the trips made by the Furgocasa team.

The cost will be accrued for each trip: the delivery and the collection.

* All this prices include Value Added Tax (VAT).

Campervan hiring seasons

To see the dates for each season, refer to our calendar:


Rental conditions

Payment of the rental and deposit

The customer must pay 50% of the rental cost at the time of booking.

The remaining 50% must be paid at the latest 15 days before the start of the rental. We will contact you a few days in advance in order to remind you of the pending payment.

If you make a booking less than 15 days in advance, you must pay 50% at the time of booking and 50% as soon as we have contacted you providing the necessary information.

In any case, the booking will not be fully confirmed until 100% of the rental cost has been paid.

Upon collection of the vehicle, the customer must deposit the amount of ONE THOUSAND EUROS (€1,000) by credit card, as a deposit and as a guarantee of faithful compliance with the obligations of the lease.

The refund of the deposit will be processed within ten (10) working days following the return of the vehicle. During this period, FURGOCASA will have the right to inspect the vehicle, and carry out as many tests and reviews it deems necessary, in order to detect possible damage or defects caused by the customer in breach of their obligations during the rental period.

When returning the vehicle at the end of the rental period, the client accepts in advance the cost of any damages identified by the inspection carried out by the FURGOCASA staff.

Requirements that drivers must meet

The client and any additional drivers (maximum two) must be at least 25 years old and in possession of a valid class B driving license, which they have held for at least 3 years and with a minimum of 6 points, or the national permit equivalent. If you are not a resident of the EU, you must be in possession of a valid international driving license for this type of vehicle.

Duration of the rental

The minimum rent length varies depending on the season. Thus: 1) in low and mid season the minimum rental is three (3) days; 2) in the mid - high seasons, the minimum duration is five (5) days; 3) in high season the minimum duration is seven (7) days.

In all cases, the maximum duration of the rental is sixty (60) days.

Return of the vehicle

The vehicle should be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered. In particular, it must be clean inside and with empty wastewater and WC tanks. Otherwise, a cleaning fee of €150 + VAT will be charged, in accordance with the established rates.

Cancellation of the rental

The customer can only cancel the reservation without any cost up to 60 days before the start of the rental period.

In the event that the reservation is terminated after said date, FURGOCASA reserves the right to apply the following charges:

     ♦ up to 50 days before the start of the rental, 10% of the total rental price.
     ♦ between 25 and 49 days before the start of the rental, 25% of the total rental price.
     ♦ between 16 and 24 days before the start of the rental, 50% of the total rental price.
     ♦ between 15 and 8 days before the start of the rental, 60% of the total rental price.
     ♦ less than 7 days before the start of the rental, 80% of the total rental price.


The customer will be able to bring their pet/s only in the case that FURGOCASA have given their express authorization and according to their conditions. Cleaning expenses derived from any breach, will be borne by the customer.

For any clarification regarding the provisions of this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to help.