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Discover the Carthaginians and Romans Festival in Cartagena aboard a rented Camper Van

If you've ever dreamed of traveling back in time to experience the rich history and culture of Spain, the Carthaginians and Romans Festival in Cartagena is your perfect opportunity. And what better way to do it than aboard a comfortable and well-equipped rental camper van.

The Carthaginians and Romans Festival

Held annually in September, these festivals are a historical reenactment that commemorates the events leading to the Second Punic War and the Roman conquest of the city in 209 B.C. For over a week, the streets of Cartagena are filled with parades, simulated battles, ancient markets, and much more.

Important Celebrations

The Carthaginians and Romans Festival is a ten-day event full of activities and celebrations that will transport you to another era. Some of the most important celebrations include:

  • The Foundation of Qart-Hadast: This is the event that kicks off the festivals. A theatrical performance simulates the founding of Cartagena by the Carthaginians.

  • The Landing: This is one of the most spectacular moments, where the landing of Carthaginian and Roman troops on the coast is reenacted.

  • The Great Battle: In this activity, participants dress in period armor and weapons to recreate battles between Carthaginians and Romans.

  • The Parade of Troops and Legions: This is the largest and most spectacular event, where thousands of people parade through the streets of Cartagena dressed in period costumes.

Traditions and Costumes

Costumes are an essential part of the festivals. Participants often dress in costumes representing different factions, whether Carthaginian or Roman. The costumes are elaborate and detailed, complete with armor, tunics, helmets, and shields.

Camps are another important tradition. During the festivals, thematic camps are set up where you can experience what life was like in those times. Here you will find markets, craft workshops, and activities for children.

Activities for Everyone

In addition to historical reenactments, the festivals also offer a wide range of activities for all audiences. From concerts and dance performances to workshops and games for children, there is something for every family member.

The City of Cartagena

Cartagena is a gem in southeastern Spain. Its natural harbor has been of strategic importance for thousands of years, and the city is full of historical monuments such as the Roman Theater, the Castle of the Conception, and the Naval Museum.

Millennial History

Cartagena is a city with over 3,000 years of history. Founded by the Carthaginians and later conquered by the Romans, the city has been an important maritime port and commercial center for centuries. Its rich history is reflected in its architecture and monuments, ranging from the Phoenician era to modernity.

Monumentos Imperdibles

  • Roman Theater: This is one of the best-preserved Roman theaters in Spain. It was discovered in 1988 and has been restored so that visitors can experience its grandeur.

  • Castle of the Conception: Located on a hill, this castle offers a panoramic view of the city and the harbor. It also houses an interpretation center that narrates the history of Cartagena.

  • Naval Museum: This museum offers a comprehensive view of Spain's naval history and is especially relevant given Cartagena's maritime importance.

  • Punic Wall: One of the few remains from the Carthaginian era, this wall offers a window to the past and is a testament to the different cultures that have influenced the city.

Cultural and Gastronomic Life

Cartagena is not just a destination for history lovers; it is also a center of culture and gastronomy. The city has several theaters, art galleries, and museums offering a wide range of entertainment. As for food, you can enjoy local delicacies like Cartagena's caldero and excellent local seafood.

The Harbor: Heart of the City

The port of Cartagena has always been the heart of the city. Here you can enjoy a promenade, visit the lighthouse and the Town Hall, or simply sit in one of the many cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea.

Discover the Surroundings in a Camper Van

A camper van gives you the freedom to explore not only Cartagena but also its surroundings. A short distance away you'll find:

  • Calblanque: A natural park with pristine beaches and mountain trails.
  • La Manga: Known for its beaches and water sports.
  • Sierra Espuña: Ideal for hiking and nature lovers.

Why Choose Furgocasa for This Adventure?

We offer a wide range of fully equipped camper vans ready for your adventure. Based in southeastern Spain, we are conveniently located for you to start your historical and cultural journey.


The Carthaginians and Romans Festival in Cartagena offers a unique experience to immerse yourself in Spanish history and culture. And there's no better way to enjoy this experience than with the freedom and comfort offered by a FURGOCASA camper van.

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