Torrevieja prohibits motorhome parking on its beaches

Torrevieja prohibits motorhome parking on its beaches

The Alicante town of Torrevieja has taken steps to limit the uncontrolled parking of recreational vehicles, motor homes and campers. From this week, these vehicles will not be able to access the first coastline of the district.

A fence and several pivots prevent, from this week, the passage of vehicles to the first coast line in the channel of the Acequión of the Torrevieja district of La Mata. Torrevieja City Council intends to prevent dozens of motorhomes from taking advantage of this privileged corner by the sea that separates the town of neighboring Guardamar del Segura. The fence can only be opened for the passage of authorized vehicles, such as cleaning vehicles.

This place was one of the favorite for tourists who carry "the house in tow", even to spend the night, something that is not allowed since the motorhomes can only remain parked, but do not camp or install their owners tables and chairs and other items on the road. And park as long as they do not invade the land maritime public domain.

However, the "war" of the City Council against the motorhomes that invade the first coastline, is limited, for now, to La Mata. Other coves of Torrevieja, from Cala de Los Trabajos to Cala de la Zorra, continue to receive a motorhome visit.

The City Council has adopted these measures because of the complaints received by the residents of the area. According to these, “motorhomes take up even the smallest corner” and “their owners, mostly foreigners (especially from central and northern Europe), place their chairs, tables, hammocks and even sunbeds for sunbathing, together at the door of «his house», and deploy the parabolic to watch television while enjoying their vacations without paying the corresponding overnight stay that would be charged by a campsite, enabled to have these types of vehicles, some of considerable dimensions ”.

In some cases, these motorhomes occupy the coastal public domain, standing on the edge of cliffs overlooking the sea, while on other occasions they park in passing easements, where the competition belongs to the Generalitat. Faced with these problems, the City Council tries to find a solution that has not yet arrived.



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