Alicante's secrets: lesser-known places to explore in a rented Camper Van

Alicante's secrets: lesser-known places to explore in a rented Camper Van

Alicante is a province rich in hidden gems and secrets waiting to be discovered by the most curious and adventurous travelers. Traveling in a camper van gives you the freedom to veer off the beaten path and dive into the most authentic essence of Alicante.

Here we propose a selection of hidden jewels that will surprise you on your journey.

The Cueva de las Calaveras in Benidoleig

Start your adventure at the Cueva de las Calaveras, a natural wonder located in Benidoleig. This cave, named after the human remains found inside, offers a fascinating journey through underground galleries adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. A visit to this cave is an opportunity to learn about the geology and prehistoric history of the region.

El Molí dels Moros in Tárbena

El Molí dels Moros is an ancient oil mill located in the picturesque village of Tárbena. Recently restored, this mill offers a window into Alicante's agricultural past and traditional oil production techniques. The visit is an educational and cultural experience, showcasing a different facet of Alicante's heritage.

The Island of Tabarca

Although not so secret, the Island of Tabarca deserves a special mention for its unique atmosphere and natural beauty. This small island, the only inhabited one in the Valencian Community, is a paradise for snorkeling and history enthusiasts. Its crystal-clear waters host a protected marine reserve, and the charm of its small town, with fortifications and an 18th-century church, will transport you to another era.

The Salinas de Torrevieja in Winter

The Salinas de Torrevieja are known for their salt production and the spectacular pink color of one of its lagoons. Although they are a popular destination, visiting them in winter offers a completely different experience, with fewer people and a more tranquil atmosphere. It's also an excellent time for bird watching, as many migratory species visit the salinas during this time of the year.

The Barranco del Infierno in Vall de Laguar

The Barranco del Infierno, located in the Vall de Laguar, is an impressive gorge known for its hiking trails that offer spectacular views. Although it requires some physical preparation to be explored, the effort is rewarded with stunning natural landscapes and the feeling of being completely immersed in nature.

Tips for Exploring Alicante's Secrets in a Camper

  • Prior Research: Some of these places may require special permits or have limited visiting hours. It's important to research and plan in advance.
  • Respect the Environment: Many of Alicante's secrets are located in protected natural areas. Make sure to follow conservation rules and leave no trace of your visit.
  • Preparation for Outdoor Adventures: To explore caves, trails, or natural reserves, it's essential to carry the right equipment, including appropriate footwear, enough water, and sun protection.
  • Flexibility in Travel: The beauty of traveling in a camper van lies in the freedom to modify your itinerary. Keep an open attitude to discover new places along the way.

Exploring Alicante's secrets in a camper van is an invitation to discover the hidden magic of this province, away from conventional tourist routes. Each of these lesser-known places offers a unique and enriching experience, perfect for those seeking genuine adventures and moments of tranquility in contact with nature and history. Prepare for an unforgettable journey, full of surprising discoveries at every turn of the road.

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