Discover the beauty of autumn in the Sierra de Madrid aboard a rental motorhome

Discover the beauty of autumn in the Sierra de Madrid aboard a rental motorhome

The Sierra de Madrid is a destination that captivates at any time of the year, but it is in autumn when it dresses up in a cloak of warm colors that invite you to witness this natural spectacle. Traveling in a motorhome offers the freedom to explore this picturesque landscape at your own pace, with the comfort of having "your home" on your back. Here is a guide to enjoy an unforgettable getaway among mountains, forests, and charming towns.

7-day autumn route through the Sierra de Madrid in a camper motorhome

Begin your adventure in the charming city of Madrid, where you can rent a motorhome that suits your needs and desires. From here, head northwest, delving into the heart of the Sierra. There's no rush; the beauty of autumn accompanies you at every kilometer.

Here is a 7-day route through the Sierra de Madrid in a motorhome:

Day 1: Departure from Madrid and arrival at Manzanares El Real

Morning: Pick up your motorhome in Madrid and head towards Manzanares El Real.

Afternoon: Visit the Castillo de los Mendoza, a perfect example of 15th-century military architecture.

Night: Overnight in the motorhome area of Manzanares El Real.

Recommended meal: Restaurant in Manzanares El Real with views of the castle.

Day 2: Manzanares El Real - La Pedriza

Morning: Dedicate the day to exploring La Pedriza, a part of the Regional Park of the Upper Basin of the Manzanares, known for its unique rock formations.

Afternoon: Go hiking and enjoy an outdoor picnic.

Night: Park in the nearest authorized area to spend the night.

Recommended meal: Local cuisine at a picnic area in the zone.

Day 3: La Pedriza - Cercedilla

Morning: Drive towards Cercedilla, famous for its hiking trails.

Afternoon: Walk one of the historic paths, such as the Roman Road.

Night: Use the camping facilities of Cercedilla for motorhomes.

Recommended meal: Mountain cuisine in Cercedilla.

Day 4: Cercedilla - Puerto de Navacerrada

Morning: Enjoy the morning in Cercedilla and then go up to Puerto de Navacerrada.

Afternoon: Free time for skiing or snowboarding if in season or stroll around.

Night: Overnight in the motorhome area of the port.

Recommended meal: Mountain food in a restaurant at the port.

Day 5: Puerto de Navacerrada - Rascafría

Morning: Drive towards Rascafría and visit the Monastery of El Paular.

Afternoon: Walk through the Cascadas del Purgatorio and enjoy the autumn landscape.

Night: Spend the night in a nearby camping or authorized overnight area.

Recommended meal: Typical dishes in Rascafría.

Day 6: Rascafría - Buitrago del Lozoya

Morning: Head to Buitrago del Lozoya and visit its medieval wall and old town.

Afternoon: Explore the Picasso Museum thanks to Eugenio Arias's collection.

Night: Overnight in the designated motorhome area in Buitrago.

Recommended meal: Traditional grill in Buitrago del Lozoya.

Day 7: Buitrago del Lozoya - Madrid

Morning: Dedicate the morning to a last walk in Buitrago.

Afternoon: Return to Madrid.

Night: Return the motorhome and, if you have time, enjoy a farewell dinner in the capital.

Recommended meal: Dinner in Madrid in a Michelin-starred restaurant to close with a flourish.

Locations in the Sierra de Madrid to visit with your camper motorhome

Manzanares El Real

Known for its impressive 15th-century castle, Manzanares El Real is a historical gem located at the foot of La Pedriza. It's an ideal starting point for hiking enthusiasts and history lovers, offering a combination of nature and medieval architecture that leaves no visitor indifferent.

La Pedriza

Part of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, La Pedriza is famous for its granite rock formations and hiking trails that wind between streams and natural pools. It's a paradise for climbers and nature lovers for its varied fauna and flora.


Cercedilla is a haven for hikers and adventurers looking to trace Roman history through its ancient roads and enjoy spectacular views of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Its cozy atmosphere and proximity to mountain trails make it perfect for disconnecting from city bustle.

Puerto de Navacerrada

Puerto de Navacerrada is a mountain pass that separates the provinces of Madrid and Segovia and is a popular destination for winter sports. It offers slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, and during autumn, its landscapes transform into a canvas of warm colors.


This town is a haven of peace with the Monastery of Santa María de El Paular as a backdrop. Rascafría is ideal for those seeking a close encounter with history and nature, offering everything from hiking routes to quiet areas for reflection and rest.

Buitrago del Lozoya

Surrounded by the waters of the Lozoya river and a well-preserved medieval wall, Buitrago del Lozoya is a town that seems frozen in time. Its old town and the unique Picasso Museum, housing works donated by the artist's barber and friend, Eugenio Arias, make Buitrago a must-visit.


Although not part of the Sierra as such, Madrid is the starting and ending point of this route. The Spanish capital is full of culture, history, and life. It offers everything from diverse museums and cultural spaces to a gastronomy that is a feast for the senses, with options ranging from traditional to avant-garde.

Travel tips for motorhome travelers in the Sierra de Madrid

  • Safe driving: Mountain roads can be slippery due to fallen leaves or early frosts, so drive cautiously.
  • Overnight areas: Inform yourself about the areas allowed for overnight stays with motorhomes, as it is not permitted to do so freely throughout the park.
  • Respect the environment: The Sierra de Madrid is a protected natural environment. Respect park rules, do not leave trash behind, and keep nature intact so other travelers can enjoy it as much as you.

Main hiking routes in the Sierra de Madrid

The Sierra de Madrid offers a wide variety of hiking routes for all levels, from family walks to ascents to peaks for experienced hikers. Here are some of the most well-known and appreciated:

  1. Route through La Pedriza

La Pedriza is one of the largest granite complexes in Europe and an emblematic place for hiking in Madrid. Within La Pedriza, you can find multiple routes, but one of the most popular is the ascent to El Yelmo, offering impressive views. Another is the route leading to the Charca Verde, known for its pools and rock formations.

  1. El Camino Schmid

It is one of the most traditional and traveled routes in the Sierra de Guadarrama. It connects Puerto de Navacerrada with Valle de la Fuenfría, passing through Camino del Calvario and reaching Cercedilla. It is a low-difficulty route and very enjoyable in autumn for its colorful deciduous forest.

  1. Route of the Valle de la Barranca

Located in Navacerrada, this route allows you to enjoy alpine landscapes and glacial lagoons like the Laguna Grande. It offers various paths, some leading towards Bola del Mundo and others towards La Maliciosa, two of the most famous peaks in the sierra.

  1. Ascent to Peñalara

Peñalara peak is the highest in the Sierra de Guadarrama and the Community of Madrid. The most frequented route starts at Puerto de Cotos and ascends to the summit, passing by the Laguna Grande de Peñalara, a space protected for its high ecological value.

  1. Senda de los Cospes

Located in Rascafría, this circular route skirts the same-named reservoir. It is an easy and pleasant trail, ideal for families and for observing the rich vegetation and fauna of the area.

  1. Senda Ortiz

This route is also located in Rascafría and is a bit longer and more demanding than the Senda de los Cospes. It leads towards the Cascadas del Purgatorio, offering spectacular views of waterfalls and streams among oak and ash forests.

  1. Route through the Bosque de Finlandia

A charming walk that seems taken from a fairy tale, located near Rascafría. It is a short route that crosses a fir forest and leads to a small lake with a Finnish-style wooden hut.

  1. GR 10

The GR 10 is a long-distance trail that crosses the Sierra de Madrid. It is not a single route but a set of stages that traverse the sierra from east to west, passing through various towns and natural spots.

These hiking routes not only offer the opportunity to exercise and enjoy the outdoors but also to admire the rich biodiversity of the Sierra de Madrid and its autumn landscapes. It is always advisable to check the status of the routes before setting out, especially in autumn and winter when the weather can change rapidly.


Traveling in a motorhome through the Sierra de Madrid in autumn is an experience that combines adventure, nature, and comfort. It is a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and enjoy the freedom this travel mode offers. Are you ready to embark on your next autumn getaway?"


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