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How much does it cost to rent a Campervan?

85 € / day
  • 3 days minimum
110 € / day
  • 3 / 5 days minimum
135 € / day
  • 7 days minimum

Discounts of up to-5%, -15% y -20% in rentals exceeding 1, 2 or 3 weeks.


Great Volume

If you are looking for a versatile vehicle, suitable for daily use in the city or to enjoy an adventure trip or a weekend getaway, the camper type vehicle is your ally.

The Large Volume Camper Vans have all the comforts of a motorhome in reduced dimensions. In our opinion, they are the perfect vehicles for two people.

In a length of 6 meters our campers have a lounge in the front area. The driver's and co-driver's seats turn around and form, together with the sofa, a space suitable for up to 4 persons. The central part houses the kitchen, fully equipped with sink, stove and refrigerator, and the bathroom, with standing shower and toilet. In the rear part is the bed (or beds; some models have bunk beds), with a standard size of 1.5 x 2 meters.

The width of our campervans is 2.10 meters (approx. 2.30 counting the mirrors), which makes them as wide as a normal passenger car. This allows you to move around more flexibly and, more importantly, to park in most towns and regulated parking spaces, whose width is limited to these measurements. With a larger vehicle (standard motorhome) we would have to park in specifically designated places, which would limit our mobility.

If you want to know more about our campers, please access the vehicle section of our website:
Low season

How to rent a RV Camper motorhome
for one weekend?

During low season, with a minimum rental duration of 3 days, we DO offer weekend rentals.

Why choose FURGOCASA for your rental?

Specialized in Campervans

At FURGOCASA we are specialized in the rental of Great Volume camper vans. For this reason, we know the product offered to perfection and we know how to prepare your trip so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Best Vans for rent

You won't find similar vehicles for rent. You can look at the competition, but: nobody has Campers like ours! At FURGOCASA we always choose models of campers of top brands and superior category.

Everything you need included in the price

Final prices. Calculate the cost of your rental without surprises when the time comes to add the extras. With us you will have everything you need for your trip included in the price (except for sheets and towels; the only extras charged).

Extras and accessories included in the rent

extras and accesories motorhome campervan rent
We deliver our rental Campervans with all the necessary extras and accessories for you to enjoy your rental to the fullest.

Bed linen, towels and the option to park your vehicle in our warehouse for the duration of your rental have an additional charge.

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Aditional driver/s
  • Cookware
  • Cleaning kit
  • Camping kit
  • Linens (sup. 20 euros)
  • Bathroom towels (sup. 20 euros)
  • Pets allowed (sup. 40 euros)
  • Parking (sup. 5 euros day)

Travel with your bike in the trunk


Folding bikes for rent

In FURGOCASA we have folding bikes for rent.

They are the ideal vehicle to carry in the trunk of your camper. They take up little space and allow you to move with maximum comfort once you arrive at your destination.

You can have them for 10 euros per day.

(Offer subject to availability at headquarters)

Essential for traveling in Motorhome

Via Michelin

Via Michelin

Plan your trip.


Find your camper stop area.
Murcia Turística

Murcia Turística

Official Tourism Website of the Region of Murcia. Get to know Murcia in detail.

Best Camper Vans for rent: locations


Murcia - Casillas

Our main office is located in Casillas. Less than 5 kilometers from Murcia, the capital of the region and less than an hour from the beach and the mountains. Perfect location to start your trip.

We have a PARKING service at this location for the duration of your rental. The cost of this service is 5 € per day.


Albacete - Alicante - Almería - Granada - Madrid - Valencia

Although we do not have headquarters in these locations, we do have delivery points where we can deliver and pick up the rental vehicle. We expressly transfer the vehicle, respecting the same conditions, especially prices, as in the locations with headquarters.

In these locations you can rent our campers if you select a minimum rental duration of 7 days. If you search in the reservation calendar for a shorter period, no vehicles will be available.
alquiler autocaravanas murcia

Destino MURCIA


Camper hire in Murcia

Located on the banks of the Segura River, Murcia and its surroundings are known by the nickname of "the Orchard of Europe", thanks to its fertile orchard, which exports fruits, vegetables and spices to the entire continent. The city was founded in the year 831 by Abd-Al-Rahman II in a privileged enclave, in the center of the Segura River Valley.

Given the historical importance that the city has had, Murcia has an important number of archaeological finds: of the importance it reached in the Arab period gives a good idea of the wall that surrounded it, some of whose remains are still visible in different parts of the city, which was 15 m high and had 95 towers. An importance that is also evident in the numerous archaeological finds, such as those of palatial type made in the Convent of Las Claras, now the museum of Santa Clara.

The Christian city has also left a deep mark on the urban physiognomy of Murcia. Thus, two of its main arteries, La Platería and La Trapería, still bear witness to the intense guild activity that developed in the city. But it will be from the XVII century, and especially from the XVIII century, when Murcia reaches an urban splendor that will lead it to expand beyond its walls. This will be the moment when the numerous churches, mostly baroque, that mark the entire urban fabric will be erected. Temples such as those of La Merced, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Las Claras, Santo Domingo, Santa Eulalia or San Juan de Dios, which unite their artistic architecture with an important pictorial and sculptural heritage, with works by Francisco Salzillo.

The most important temple in Murcia is its Cathedral, whose construction began at the end of the 14th century and which presents Gothic elements, such as the Puerta de los Apóstoles and the Capilla de los Vélez; Renaissance, such as the Capilla de Junterón, and Baroque, among which its façade stands out, conceived as a gigantic altarpiece by Jaime Bort, with a wise combination of sculpture and architecture. Also noteworthy is its tower, 92 m high and built in different phases between the XVI and XVIII centuries. Together with the Cathedral, the also eighteenth-century building of the Episcopal Palace and the old grain granary, known as El Almudí, are other good testimonies of the construction boom reached in the aforementioned period.

The importance of the orchard is palpable in the Murcian gastronomy, where the consumption of vegetables predominates. Dishes such as zarangollo, ratatouille, Murcian salad, rice with vegetables or beans, are complemented by meats, with the typical meat pie or venison, signs of identity of the most popular Murcian gastronomy.

Murcia is also an excellent place for hiking. There are several itineraries to get to know the orchard. Paths that guide us gently through it and flood our senses, the Mediterranean light, the cheerful colors of the fruit trees, the aromas of basil and orange blossom and the feeling of continuous spring. In the surroundings there are places of great environmental value such as the Regional Park of Valle-Carrascoy where the hermitage dedicated to the patron saint of the city, La Virgen de la Fuensanta, stands and where the beautiful views of the Vega del Segura are a delight to the eye.
area de autocaravanas murcia ikea


Murcia has a free municipal motorhome area located in the Thader mall, opposite to the Ikea store in Murcia. 

It's a free service zone where you can discharge gray and black water and refill clean water. There's no electricity available. 

Thader mall is just 10 kilometers from downtown Murcia and has regular public transport lines to the city. 

It's a very popular place for motorhome tourism and also very comfortable: as well as being close to downtown, it has all kinds of services like shops, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

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Región de Murcia
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Recommended routes to travel with your
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