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Prohibition and controversy in Águilas: the Installation of height carriers and its impact on Motorhome and Camper tourism

Last November, the council of Águilas submitted a request to install height barriers in various natural areas, including the beaches of La Carolina, La Higuerica, and El Arroz. This request, directed to the State's Coastal Demarcation and the Regional Ministry of Environment of Murcia, seeks authorization to install barriers with a height of 2.10 meters. These barriers would allow access and parking for cars but would restrict the entry of taller vehicles.

Mari Carmen Moreno, mayor of Águilas, has indicated that, although they do not oppose motorhome tourism, it is necessary to regulate it, especially in winter, when the arrival of these vehicles is difficult to control by the police and can negatively affect natural spaces. Moreno recalls that parking these vehicles is allowed, but camping or overnight stays are not, according to current regulations.

The mayor proposes that the barriers only be installed between October and May and that they allow access to emergency and cleaning personnel. She emphasizes that the goal is to regulate the intense arrival of motorhomes in winter and advises using designated areas such as campsites and rest areas for motorhomes.

On the other hand, Juan Rafael Miñarro, president of the Motorhome Association of the Region of Murcia, criticizes the measure, considering it an unnecessary restriction and points out that, according to Spanish law, it is not viable. He recalls that several town halls have had to remove height barriers after being sued for this reason.

Miñarro defends that motorhome tourism economically benefits the municipalities and argues that, although there are exceptions, most motorhome users are respectful of the environment.

In this regard, he highlights that the Directorate General of Traffic updated last year the rules on motorhomes and campers, differentiating between parking and camping. A vehicle is considered parked if it is only in contact with the ground through its wheels, does not occupy more space than usual, and does not emit noises or fluids, without having different obligations to other vehicles of similar characteristics.

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