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The province of Burgos commits to itinerant tourism and facilitates the visit of motorhomes, caravans, and campers

The province of Burgos has positioned itself as a key destination for itinerant tourism enthusiasts, providing spaces and services suitable for those traveling in motorhomes, caravans, and campers. With a total of 20 areas designed for motorhomes, in addition to three basic parking zones without additional services and 14 campgrounds, the region offers a well-developed infrastructure for this type of tourism.

The acceptance and interest in itinerant travel have led the province of Burgos to expand its facilities, providing various places both for visiting and for parking these vehicles. This effort includes both specialized motorhome areas and campgrounds, and in some cases, municipalities offer both types of services. Additionally, there are points that offer essential services, though without parking options.

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The most notable initiative has been the creation and expansion of specific areas for motorhomes, with some already established and operating successfully, and others that have been added in the last five years, receiving a warm welcome from the local community, visitors, and municipal authorities. This development has led to an increase in the number of Burgos localities that have suitable facilities to welcome itinerant travelers.


More and more towns in Burgos have facilities to welcome motorhomes and campers

Throughout 2023, several Burgos municipalities have advanced in the management of permits to build new motorhome areas or improve existing ones, thus promoting the discovery of the Burgos territory through this mode of tourism. Towns like Bozoó, Santa Gadea del Cid, Oña, and Villangómez have taken significant steps in this direction.

The boom in motorhome tourism in Spain, and especially in Burgos, reflects a growing national trend. According to recent studies, the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the purchase of caravanning vehicles, with a notable increase in preference for motorhomes over caravans. However, the availability of suitable areas for these vehicles still does not reach the levels of other European countries, leading to unregulated concentrations and local efforts to create more parking spaces.

Exemplary localities in welcoming motorhomes: Villadiego and Sotresgudo

Ángel Carretón, the mayor of Villadiego, a town near Sotresgudo, expresses his satisfaction with the success of the motorhome area in his municipality. “We have managed to position ourselves among the best areas in Spain for motorhomes. In 2022 alone, we received more than 780 vehicles,” he notes. Villadiego has had this space for five years, initially motivated by the existence of a piece of land adjacent to the football field where these vehicles were already parking. “We noticed the growing interest in this type of tourism and understood that it was not necessary to make a large investment to integrate it as one of our town's attractions,” comments Carretón.

The mayor emphasizes that, with a moderate investment, they have achieved impressive results, with it being rare not to see at least one motorhome in the area. This space has been recognized in various directories and guides as one of the best nationally, a merit that Carretón attributes to the quality of the service offered. “The manager provides excellent attention. In addition, the location is ideal, close to the town, with shaded areas, access to water, drainage systems, and lighting,” he details.

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Carretón evaluates the investment very positively, highlighting that this type of tourism is respectful and contributes to the local economy. He estimates that between 15 and 20% of the visitors have explored the town's museums. The initiative has been well received in the region, so much so that mayors of neighboring localities, such as Sotresgudo and Sargentes de la Lora, have sought advice on this project.

For her part, Yolanda Santamaría, the mayor of Sotresgudo, states that although the motorhome area of her municipality, in operation for three years, has been well received, it is still in the process of consolidation. “There are still details to polish to improve the experience, such as the implementation of a system for the electrical connection of the motorhomes,” indicates the mayor, showing a commitment to the continuous improvement of the facilities."

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