The Community of Madrid will regulate tourist campsites and motorhome areas in the region with a new Decree

The Community of Madrid will regulate tourist campsites and motorhome areas in the region with a new Decree

In a recent session, the Government Council of the Community of Madrid has decided to move towards the modernization of the regulatory framework for outdoor tourist spaces, including campsites and areas designated for the stay of motorhomes, camper vehicles, and similar. This step is materialized with the launch of a public consultation through the Transparency Portal, referring to a Decree project that seeks to redefine the organization of these spaces in the region.

This reform process aims to replace the current system of administrative authorization with one based on a responsible declaration, thus reflecting the dynamic evolution of the tourism sector and the emergence of new tourism models. The proposal includes adaptation to emerging modalities, such as specific areas for motorhomes and camper vehicles, ensuring their integration into suitable environments that meet their particularities and demands, aligning with current trends that favor bungalows and prefabricated mobile homes.

Additionally, a simplification in the classification of tourist campsites is proposed, moving away from the categorization system by letters and stars to adopt one exclusively based on stars. An innovative aspect of this regulation is the introduction of the concept of glamping, which promises a different tourist experience, merging the traditional charm of camping with the luxury and services typical of a high-end hotel.

Madrid currently has 21 tourist campsites, defined as delimited areas equipped with the necessary facilities for the temporary stay of people interested in enjoying an outdoor vacation experience. This new decree seeks not only to regulate these practices but also to elevate the quality and diversity of the tourist offer in the Community.

The Community of Madrid by motorhome: an experience you should not miss

The Community of Madrid stands as a privileged destination for enthusiasts of travel in motorhomes or campers, offering a range of options that combine the cultural, historical, and natural richness of the region. From the vibrant life of its capital, which hosts world-renowned museums, palaces, and green spaces, to the tranquility of its picturesque towns and natural landscapes, Madrid invites to be discovered at one's own pace, offering the freedom and flexibility that only this type of travel can provide.

Exploring Madrid in a motorhome or camper allows to enjoy its landscape diversity, from the peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama to the vast olive groves and vineyards of the south, through the nature reserves that are home to a rich biodiversity. Travelers can appreciate the unique blend of tradition and modernity, tasting the exquisite local gastronomy in markets and restaurants, or discovering the work of artists and craftsmen in small towns and villages.

Furthermore, the Community of Madrid is equipped with first-class infrastructures that facilitate travel in a motorhome or camper, with service and overnight areas designed to meet the needs of travelers, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience. This commitment to accessibility and sustainability makes Madrid an ideal destination for those looking to combine adventure, culture, and contact with nature.

With the new regulatory framework, Madrid positions itself at the forefront in adapting to the new trends of itinerant tourism, promoting responsible and sustainable practices that respect the environment and enrich the visitor's experience. Traveling in a motorhome or camper through Madrid thus becomes an invitation to discover the beauty and heritage of this region in a unique and memorable way.

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