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The Generalitat Authorizes a Motorhome Parking Area by the Sea in Burriana, Castellon

The Burriana City Council, located in the south of Castellon, has received authorization from the Generalitat Valenciana to construct a motorhome parking area right on the beachfront. This project began its planning phase in December with the aim of creating a space that can accommodate up to 26 motorhomes, thus increasing tourist overnight stays in the city and boosting the local economy by attracting both national and international tourists.

The 2,600 square meter plot by the sea required approval from the Generalitat Valenciana’s Coastal Department due to its location in a coastal easement zone.

burriana parking autocaravanas

Conservation and Security Systems

This unique space for tourist overnight stays will be equipped with services for the disposal of grey and black water, potable water from the municipal network, an automated access control system, perimeter fencing, and a landscaped area.

The motorhome area in La Serratella is designed to be financially self-sufficient through the fees paid by users. This project complements other initiatives such as those in Arenal or Sant Gregori, which aim to stimulate the tourism industry in the capital of Plana Baixa.

“This project will not only increase the city’s tourist capacity but also address the issue of having caravans parked in the maritime zone without an adequate, secure, and comfortable location for their users,” explained the Urban Planning Councilor, Juan Canós.

Visiting Burriana in a Rental Camper Van: Enjoy the Costa de Azahar

Burriana, located in the province of Castellon, is a charming destination on the Costa de Azahar offering a perfect blend of beaches, culture, and nature. Exploring Burriana in a rental camper van allows you to enjoy this beautiful Mediterranean spot with complete freedom and comfort.

Beaches of Burriana

Burriana is known for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Playa del Arenal is the most popular and provides all the necessary services for a perfect day at the sea, including beach bars, play areas, and water activities. Another option is Playa de Malvarrosa-Grao, ideal for those seeking a more tranquil and natural environment.

Culture and Heritage

The city of Burriana boasts an interesting cultural and architectural heritage. Don’t miss the old town, where you can visit the Basilica of El Salvador, an impressive Gothic building. You can also explore Torre del Mar, an ancient watchtower offering panoramic views of the coast.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

For nature lovers, Clot de la Mare de Déu is a natural area offering hiking trails and the opportunity to observe a wide variety of birds. This protected area is perfect for enjoying a day in contact with nature.

Tips for Traveling to Burriana in a Camper Van

Service Areas and Camping

Burriana has well-equipped service areas and campsites for motorhomes. Camping Malvarrosa de Corinto, located nearby, offers modern facilities and a convenient location close to the beach. There are also service areas for motorhomes near the city that provide basic services such as water supply, electricity, and waste disposal.

Parking and Overnight Stay

It is important to plan where to park and stay overnight. In Burriana, you will find designated areas for motorhomes both in the city center and its surroundings. Use specialized mobile apps to find the best available spots and ensure you comply with local regulations.

Gastronomy of Burriana

The gastronomy of Burriana is another attraction of the city. Fresh seafood and fish are the stars in most local dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste paella, arroz a banda, and fideuá in the local restaurants.

Enjoy Burriana with Furgocasa

Traveling in a rental camper van with Furgocasa gives you the freedom to explore Burriana at your own pace. Our campers are equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your trip unforgettable. From fully-equipped kitchens to comfortable beds, our motorhomes offer the comfort you need while discovering the charms of Burriana.

In summary, visiting Burriana in a rental camper van is a unique experience that combines the freedom to travel at your own pace with the opportunity to discover a destination full of natural beauty, history, and culture. Plan your trip and discover everything Burriana has to offer with Furgocasa!

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