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Why is Spain the Best Country in Europe for Renting and Starting an RV or Motorhome Journey?

Traveling in an RV or motorhome offers a unique way to explore a country, granting the freedom and flexibility to stop wherever and whenever you want. But where can you find the ideal destination for such an adventure? The country that has it all, from sunny beaches to snowy mountains, from historic cities to stunning natural landscapes, is Spain.

Motorhoming in Spain: Unmatched Geographic Diversity

One of the main reasons that make Spain the best country for RV travel is its geographic diversity. Imagine starting your journey on the golden beaches of the Mediterranean in Alicante, and then crossing hills filled with olive groves to reach the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada. Or perhaps you want to pass through the arid plateaus of La Mancha and then explore the rainy green hills of Galicia. All of this is possible in Spain.

Tourist Infrastructure

Spain boasts excellent tourist infrastructure that facilitates RV travel. There are numerous rest areas, campgrounds, and specialized services throughout the territory. This is especially relevant in tourist regions like Valencia, Murcia, and Madrid, where you can find everything from specialized workshops to overnight areas with all the facilities.

In recent years, Spain has seen significant improvements in tourist infrastructure for RVs and motorhomes. Here are some ways this segment has developed:

  • Increased Service Areas: There is a growing number of specialized service areas for RVs throughout Spain, including stations where you can empty septic tanks and refill water tanks at no cost.

  • Improved Campgrounds: Many campgrounds now offer facilities specifically adapted for motorhomes, including electrical hookups and other services.

  • Apps and Digital Platforms: Various apps and websites provide updated information on parking spots, routes, and specific services for motorhome owners.

  • Specific Routes: Some regions have developed tourist routes designed specifically for RV travelers, which include stops at points of interest, service areas, and campgrounds.

  • Regulation and Signage: There is a growing effort to better regulate this type of tourism, including clearer signage and laws that facilitate the transit and parking of RVs.

  • Promotion of Local Tourism: Given the advantages of mobility and self-accommodation, motorhomes are increasingly seen as a way to promote domestic tourism.

  • Events and Fairs: Events and fairs dedicated to the world of motorhomes have become popular, serving not only owners but also businesses offering related services.

  • Information and Online Communities: There is a growing number of forums, blogs, and online communities where enthusiasts can share tips and recommendations, helping to improve the overall experience of RV travel.

Favorable Climate

The Spanish climate is another factor that favors RV travel. With a Mediterranean climate in most of the country, it is possible to travel comfortably for much of the year. Even in winter, destinations like the Canary Islands offer mild temperatures.

Cultural Wealth

Spain is a mosaic of cultures, languages, and traditions. Each region has something unique to offer, from Gothic architecture in Catalonia to flamenco and tapas in Andalusia. When traveling in an RV, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's cultural richness, stopping in small towns and communities to enjoy local traditions.


Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe, an important aspect when traveling in an RV. The roads are in good condition and well-signposted, and traffic rules are generally respected, ensuring a safe and pleasant journey.

Itinerary Suggestions for Your RV Trip Through Spain

  • Mediterranean Route: Valencia to Barcelona

    Start your journey in the vibrant city of Valencia, travel along the Costa Blanca, and end in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. On this route, you'll enjoy beaches, history, and excellent cuisine.

  • Southern Route: Málaga to Sevilla

    Explore southern Spain, passing through the Costa del Sol in Málaga, the mountainous landscapes of Ronda, and ending in historic Sevilla. Don't forget to stop and try the Iberian ham and sherry wine.

  • Northern Route: Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela

    Travel from the Basque Country, passing through the beaches of Cantabria and Asturias, and arrive in mystical Galicia. This route is ideal for nature and culture lovers.

  • Central Route: Madrid to Salamanca

    From the capital, Madrid, travel west to reach Salamanca, known for its university and golden architecture. Along the way, you can stop in Ávila and Segovia, two cities with rich historical heritage.

In summary, with its geographic diversity, top-notch tourist infrastructure, favorable climate, cultural richness, and safety, Spain becomes the ideal destination for all types of RV travelers. Here you will not only find varied landscapes and experiences, but you will also feel welcome and safe throughout your journey.

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